\ Harley Davidson motorcycles:

I built my first "chopper" way back in 1979. It was a Honda, but it was loud, so it wasn't all that bad. This is what it looked like when I first started. I completely rebuilt it from here bit can't find the picture of it.
After I moved to California, I bought "half a Harley" - a Suzuki Savage.
You can't live in the desert without a dirtbike. So I got one of those too.

I bought my Sporty in 1990 while I lived in California. I've spent a lot of time and money modifying it and not anywhere near enough time riding it.

This is what it looked like in 1991 (just after I bought it).
Here it is in 1996 (my first real attempt at customizing it). 5 gallon Fat-Bob tanks, skirted fenders, saddle and tool bags, "baby" ape hangers, drag pipes, accel ignition, a windshield, and my own paint job (Krylon spray paint). Really didn't look too bad for a $15.00 paint job.
Here it is in 1997. I added highway lamps, forward controls, and my own *real* paint job (metal flake blue and silver with 15 coats of clear).
Here is is in 2000. I added floorboards and bigger saddle bags, swapped 5 gallon Fat-Bobs for 3.5 gallon and gave it a new metal flake blue paint (w/o stripes or "bandaids").
2001 was a hard year on it. It fell off the road into a ditch during Sturgis bike week and got a little "messed up." In 2002, the horn fell off it while riding during Moondance Jam (I guess I can honestly say that parts do fall off Harleys :) ).

Here it is as it sits as of 2003. I've repainted it neon red, powder coated the frame red, changed the handle bars, chromed the engine et al, put a spoked front wheel and a solid aluminum rear wheel on, new seat, steel braided cables, molded the license plate into the rear fender, widened the front fender, put in a 1200cc conversion, Screaming Eagle cams and a single fire Dyna ignition and changed the front end to a 4 degree over - mid glide unit.

I can't think of much else to do it - time for a new bike? Keep reading...
Here it is in 2008. I added a new dash and 1959 (year I was born) tank emblems. Finally, I asked my grandson what I should call it now that it has been completely modified and he though it should be called a "Phat Sporty". So, there you have it - A Phat Sporty. Now (2009) everyone thinks it should be called a "Phatster".

I bought a new Harley (2004 fuel injected Night Train) so I would have something to RIDE while I'm tearing into the Sporty. Yes, I did think of new things to do to the sporty, and, yes, I have already started modifying the Night Train (exhaust, intake, saddle, bags, windshield, handlebars, foot peds and a soon to be installed backrest - Grandson has been pestering me about a backrest so he could go for rides).

The Night Train is much nicer on the highway, but the Sporty is more fun in town.

After riding around Lake Superior (and getting beat up by the elements) I decided to add some Road Glide parts (making a "Night Glide") such as a 16" front tire, Road Glide front fender, engine guards, fairing, better seat!, etc.
Here it is in 2009. I didn't like the small bags, trunk or how poorly the paint matched. So I decided to start over with bigger bags and a Heritage fender. I also decided it would be easier (and cheaper) to simply repaint the entire bike than to try to match the 4 layer factory paint. The color choice was easy. I simply matched it to my truck (like I did with the sporty - I had a red truck at that time).

Here it is in 2011. I decided to stretch the bags 2 inches, put on a bigger fairing (with a much better stereo), different handlebars, and lowered the front 1 inch. I really think I am done with it now.
Well, I wasn't done with it. Here it is in 2018. I didn't like the front wheel and got a heck of a deal on a chrome spoked wheel.


Since I have enough left-over parts to nearly build a third bike... Anyways, it will be a Dyna as I got a great deal on a frame. I am the fourth owner of this frame that none of the previous owners could get a 5 speed transmission into. But, I have a welder and know how to use it... So, yes the tranny is already installed.
PS I now have a blue truck, so it will be blue.
Here it is in 2017. I finally got the frame powerder coated and pieces install into the frame. My biggest holdup now is the wiring, which needs to be done before I install the fuel tank and exhaust. The color choice was easy. I simply matched it to my truck (like I did with the sporty and Nighttrain- I now have a blue truck).
Getting close. Needs rear brakes and I need to fix an poil pressure issue.
Had to call in an expert to help with the front wheel.

Last Modification: June, 2018